Belonging Wholly to God–The Revolutionary Way

I would like to start this post with a rather long quote:

“It is easy to conclude from all this that these committed souls are unable to take any interest in ambition, fashions, or other worldly matters, or in high society, important projects, or refinements of speech or behaviour (sic). This would assume that they are in control of their own lives, which in itself would preclude the state of surrender in which they find themselves. A state in which one discovers how to belong wholly to God through complete and total assignment of all rights over oneself–over one’s speech, actions, thoughts, and bearing; the employment of one’s time and everything relating to it. There remains one single duty. It is to keep one’s gaze fixed on the master one has chosen and to be constantly listening so as to understand and hear and immediately obey his will. Nothing so well illustrates this condition as that of a servant whose sole duty lies in obeying instantly whatever orders his master may give him, and not employing his time on his own affairs, which he must put aside in order to be to his master all things at all times.” Jean-Pierre De Caussade

We must never turn back or question the outcomes of this type of commitment. We must never consider the consequences of following our Master. We simply follow the path of the revolutionary. We follow the ache of our body, soul, mind, and spirit. All other things, the old things, pass forever away. There can be nothing or no one else in the world except for God that we “totally surrender and assign all of our rights to. ”

Following God’s plan is surrender because we cannot begin to understand it. And so many times it is contrary to our own will.

Strangely enough there will be times when the plan calls for us to do nothing. To wait on His good timing. Rather than attempt to control the situation or “make something happen.”

What then? The only answer is “willing surrender.” Only our arrogance would make us think that we must understand God’s plan before we surrender to it.

The peaceful warrior is special in this way. He or she is unique. But above this he or she knows they are a servant. We are tools in the hands of a wonderful craftsman. He will make wonderful things happen when the tools are willing and have surrendered.

Do not attempt to control. Attempt to surrender. Then watch as the world around you changes.

Quixotic Ideals for a New Revolution

What is the purpose of life? Being a servant. A simplistic answer? Maybe even a quixotic one. Well, yes and no. Simplicity is not stupidity. It can be merely truth revealed in a simple manner. This answer’s simplicity holds great meaning to sink into. Even Zig Ziglar has a quote on this subject, and I paraphrase, “if you help to give others what they want you will get what you want.” However, the Christian revolutionary stops after the first thought. Help give others what they want or need. What we do is to serve quietly and humbly.

The ability to care for the other to this degree can seem difficult. It can also seem quite stupid.

One reason it seems stupid is we worry about being treated unfairly.

The apostle Paul asked a question in regards to this quandary. “Why not be the one that is wronged?” A whole army of people not worrying about what is fair. A group of revolutionaries ready to be wronged and take no revenge or seek no redress. Think of how that would change a dark and deviant world.

The revolutionary person has no interest in reciprocation. Reciprocation is nothing. If I give and then get the two actions have negated one another.

We are interested in the imitation of Christ. Who gave to those who could give not give back.

Christ gave the gift of healing. The blind saw, the lame walked, and the lepers were healed. How could they reciprocate? Impossible! This is the divine ethic. He gives things that cannot be given back. He gives eternal life. What could we give Him?

So how do we do this? We give food to the hungry with our own hands. We do not allow money between us and our fellows. We hand blankets to those who are cold. We give shelter in our homes. We do not rely on societies or organizations. We do the work! We tilt at the windmill. We do it all while remaining covert.

That is revolutionary thinking.

Prayer for Contentment


Let me be content.

Help me to turn my desires into your peace.

Let me be content; serving instead of being served.
Let me be content; to give more than I receive.

Let me be content; with the body I have.
with the mind you gave me.
with the soul you breathed into me.

Let me be content; when the rain falls
When the sun shines,
When the wind blows.

Let me be content; in silence.
in noise,
in warmth,
in the cold,
when alone,
when crowded,
when tired,
when strong,
when hungry.

Let me be content to know that the world is yours,
and I am in it.

Let me be content in your love.

In Jesus name,


10/9/2013 jsc

Prayer Book: Prayer for Courage

Dearest God in heaven,
Thank you for the many blessings you have bestowed on me.
I know that all good gifts come from you.
I know that all things happen so you may work them for good,

Father give me the courage to accept your plan as best for my life.
Father help me to live as the conqueror you have made me.
Father God, let me always take you at your word in my:

my family life,
and in my salvation.

Father help me follow the example of your Son and stand for truth no matter the consequences.

In you Holy Son’s name,